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We don't believe in spammy promotion tactics and hyped up sellouts with unrealistic expectations. We aspire to build an authentic community like in the blue line of the graph

Wasted Koalas Steady_Growth

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Unique art pieces all looking to find an owner in the metaverse
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It costs the same for everyone to join the club
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Commercial usage rights as long as you keep your NFT
NFTs being withheld from the sale for giveaways

Our #1 priority


The Wasted Koalas Club is a community-oriented project with unique utility.

The aim of the project is to build a healthy and positive community with a steady growth. The stable grow will effect the floor price in a positive way.

Giving back to the community!
We have set up a community fund that collects the initial sales revenue. The royalty fee on secondary sales has been set to 5% and 75% of those royalties will also go into the community fund. The fund will be used for the benefit of the Wasted Koalas project and its holders, for instance by funding floor sweeping or marketing activities.

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Every Wasted Koala NFT is unique and programmatically generated with it's own traits and attributes. Sometimes they are sober but most of the time they like to have a drink or smoke.

There are some really unique fellas in the Wasted Koalas club collection. All stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Be aware! There are some Wasted Koalas with rare character traits, keep an eye out.

Verified smart contract address 0x75e85b4dcd9e99616c3e40dfe175b7ccb3b741ce.


The Wasted Koalas Club phase one has now STARTED!
Here's what's in store over the next few months.


Every project's success relies on a strong community based on commitment. We strive for building the foundation of a healthy and positive community to be recognized and perceived as a strong unit since the biggest value creator of a project is only and alone the community.


The Wasted Koalas will be an exclusive drop of 1,220 Koalas. Every holder of the Wasted Koalas will be eligible to join an exclusive network all around the Metaverse granting access and ensuring a minting spot on our as well as others high demanding future projects.


As a special thank you we want to give you something back. We will launch randomly but sequentially giveaways in the form of ETH and other special prices as well.


Since we all love Koalas we should fight to keep them with us, not only in the Metaverse! Right now Koalas are progressively losing their habitat due deforestation and bush fires caused by the ongoing climate change facing extinction as early as 2050. Therefore we strive for the conservation of the Koala and its habitat. To contribute to this we are donating a percentage of the mint revenue, as also gained royalties of 5% to collectively chosen foundations fighting for the preservation of the Koala.


Later on we plan to establish a merch store giving you the possibility to purchase merchandise with your very own Wasted Koala. The best thing about it is that not only the revenues are partly donated to the chosen foundations but also every piece of Merch sold with your Wasted Koala will flow back in the project and future plans.


The Wasted Koalas Club is a project created and delivered by a team of NFT collectors & enthusiasts — an outstanding artist, a marketing guru and our mighty devs.



The ideas and the art


Smart contracts and code


Mister Discord


We've tried to provide as much information about the project and our plans as possible but if we've missed anything or you'd like to ask us something specific, just join our discord and @ one of the team!

To use this site, please install the Metamask browser extension or the Coinbase wallet.

Those extensions allow this web site to interact with your wallet and allow you to manage or mint Wasted Koalas.

The Wasted Koalas Club is a collection of 1,220 unique, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each koala is an ERC-721 NFT and hosted on IPFS.

We aim to build an active, supportive community for everyone here. We have lots of events planned, and some unique utility so make sure you join our Discord.

Each Wasted Koala was procedurally generated from a collection of hand drawn characters and accessories.

The public sale date is yet to be announced.

There will also be a presale for our whitelisted members.

Each Wasted Koala will cost 0.075 ETH (+gas).